Cornerstone Preschool

Your child's SECOND HOME nurturing the child to
THINK, FEEL & DO what is right

Our Programs

Who are we?

We are alumni of the INSEAD, world's best MBA school, IIT Bombay & St. Stephens, India's best colleges working with top Educators around the world, with a deep rooted passion to impart the right education solving What to educate, How to educate & When to educate in the School.

Akansha Rawat

Akanksha Rawat
CEO & Co-founder
INSEAD, St. Stephens, GM Taskbob
Aseem Khare

Aseem Khare
IIT Bombay, ex-CEO Taskbob, Adonis Electronics
Prof. Raj Raghunathan

Prof. Raj Raghunathan
Professor University of Texas, IIM-C

Why School?

Do you think what we learnt and how we learnt in our schools was even remotely relevant in shaping our professional & personal lives?

We certainly don’t.

The factory model of schools and preschools just doesn’t do justice to learning. And when all of us are so differently wired, does it even make sense to have a one solution fit all method of teaching?

Aided by learnings from global educational experience & technology enabled execution, we want to honestly answer the Why, the What, the How and the When in educating the kids.

At Cornerstone, we are building the schools that the world needs through lasting character & skills development, experiential learning & personalisation.

Key ingredients at Cornerstone

We believe that the best preschool or playgroup should cover the below aspects very well:

  • Home like environment
  • Personal attention, care & learning (small batch size)
  • Highly qualified educators with high IQ & EQ
  • Scientifically researched curriculum (Montessori, Waldorf, Play-way)
  • Child-centric space design
  • Parent Interaction