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Discover yourself, Embark on a hero's journey.

At Cornerstone, we are building the schools that the world needs through lasting character & skills development, experiential learning & personalisation.

Who are we?

We are alumni of the INSEAD, world's best MBA school, IIT Bombay & St. Stephens, India's best colleges working with top Educators around the world, with a deep rooted passion to impart the right education solving What to educate, How to educate & When to educate in the School.

Akansha Rawat

Akanksha Rawat
CEO & Co-founder
INSEAD, St. Stephens, GM Taskbob
Aseem Khare

Aseem Khare
IIT Bombay, ex-CEO Taskbob, Adonis Electronics
Prof. Raj Raghunathan

Prof. Raj Raghunathan
Professor University of Texas, IIM-C

Why School?

Do you think what we learnt and how we learnt in our schools was even remotely relevant in shaping our professional & personal lives?

We certainly don’t.

The factory model of schools and preschools just doesn’t do justice to learning. And when all of us are so differently wired, does it even make sense to have a one solution fit all method of teaching?

Aided by learnings from global educational experience & technology enabled execution, we want to honestly answer the Why, the What, the How and the When in educating the kids.

What are we building?

Why are very few top global leaders across business, arts, mathematics & science, economics, sports Indians?

The root lies in our existing education system.

Owing to the existing factory model of schooling, schools of yesterday & today create lookalikes, who are just participants in the journey.

Yes, Academic rigour is crucial and important to build sincerity & resilience. But is it enough?!

Solving how Education should be through first principles and with guidance from our esteemed, experienced advisors, we are building the Leaders of 2050, who are the best versions of themselves!

Customer Reviews

"Cornerstone is the best Preschool in Baner. The teachers are very well qualified and loving. And I have not seen any school with so much fresh air & open space for children."

- Shivarchi, Baner

"New learning concepts and good quality staff. I was there for my nephew's admission. I am sure they will maintain quality of education"

- Gaurav Jain, Balewadi


Ingredients of The Right Preschool

We believe that the best preschool or playgroup should cover the below aspects very well:

  • Curriculum – What are children learning
  • Teaching Method – How are they learning
  • Educators – Who are they learning from & with
  • Preschool Environment – Where are they learning
  • Personalization – When are they learning
  • Parent Interaction – Is the learning consisent
  • Our Curriculum

    Cornerstone curriculum for Preschool / playgroup revolves around 7 bands mapped across age-wise development goals of children. These 7 bands are: Curiosity, Critical Thinking, Creativity, Independence & Discipline, Empathy & Happiness, Expression and Courage.

    Further, The core goal of helping the kids learn via the Subjects such as Maths, Languages, Science, Geography is to help them inherit Critical Thinking, Expression, Curiosity and not just plain knowledge.

    Our Teaching Method

    We believe kids learn the most by doing. Experiential learning is much more deep rooted than rote learning. Our Teaching Method primarily focuses on 360 degree teaching method, i.e. We teach each concept to the kid using several methods & modes ensuring the learning is long lasting.

    When it comes to various philosophies, we are a blend of Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio-Emilia & Howard Gardner. Montessori philosophy hones independence, Discipline & critical thinking nicely. Waldorf improves creativity & expression very well. Reggio-Emilia’s self-directed play & Howard Gardner’s Multiple Intelligence helps to carve out the right path for every child.

    Our Educators

    Who is a good educator? Children learn the most by imitation. By that analogy, Best educators must be the perfect role models! We believe a good educator has the following traits:

  • Is very high on integrity and sense of responsibility. Always keeps the child first in any & every decision
  • Is energetic & passionate about spending endless time with children
  • Is patient – For every child needs time to get to her true potential
  • Is observant – For if one doesn’t observe well enough, one doesn’t know well enough
  • Is respectful – Humility & freedom go hand in hand. Only humble people can be free
  • Is bold & expressive – Learning fosters when children ask the why
  • Is smart & sparks curiosity – One who can create learning & curiosity driving experiences for children all the time

  • Having done MA in English, MBA from Welingkar, Mumbai & Research in Genetic Engineering, our educators are with us in this journey – not because they are forced to be educators, but because they are passionate about being with kids and they want education to be given in the right manner.

    Our Preschool Environment

    Research shows that the learning environment is also extremely critical in child’s development. Children learn the best around nature, clean air, sunlight and space. Cornerstone preschool is located in Baner (near Balewadi & Pashan) in Pune. Away from traffic, Overlooking the Baner Hill, with ample sunlight & clean fresh air throughout the day, the environment sets each day up for exciting learning time.


    Every child has her own pace of learning. While some child understands fractions by age 4, some other might do so by age 5. It’s completely normal to give children that space & time to get to speed with certain key concepts. If the child is pushed hard beyond a point, the child either develops a phobia for the subject or just memorizes the concepts without understanding them. On the other hand, if the child is exceptionally sound in fractions and if she asks for further learning – she must be provided with the same to enable her to reach true potential. It is said, Outliers practice for 10,000 hours break out. Bill Gates coded for 10,000 hours before founding Microsoft. To enable Personalization, we use technology to create a different learning curve for every child.

    Parent Interaction

    Like Charity, even Learning begins at Home. For effective learning for the child, it is key to have a consistent (if not elaborate) learning experience at home. To enable Parents and the Home environment to aid the child’s learning, we also put a lot of focus on Parent-School Interaction. Parent Interaction would be done primarily through Home Visit, Mother workshops, Parent-Educator Communicator & Parent-Educator-Meetings.

    Our Programs

    Child Care
    Age Group: 2-6 years
    Timing: 9 am - 7 pm
    Age Group: 3-6 years
    Timing: 9 am - 1:30 pm
    BOB - Pune's 1st tinkering studio
    Age Group: 3-7 years
    Timing: 3 pm - 4:30 pm
    Toddler Program
    Age Group: 1.5-2 years
    Timing: 9:30 am - 11:30 am, 2 pm - 4 pm

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